In reference to the coronavirus epidemic and in agreement with the executive board, I hereby make the following housing provisions for the safety of our employees:

  • Traveling abroad either for official or private purposes is strictly forbidden. Scheduled international travels must be declined.
  • Those who have been in any foreign country over the period beginning from March 1, please stay away from the RCNS for 2 weeks. If this case applies to you, you must report it to your employer.
  • For our foreign colleagues and students: please stay away from RCNS until further notice.
  • Working from home is highly recommended provided you have the necessary resources that support your work. If you want to work from home, kindly contact your research group leader, who—upon the agreement of the director—will permit you to work from home. (From an employer perspective, the home office is considered as if the employee showed up at work.)
  • The local cafeteria will close its doors for those who are coming from outside.
  • Anyone who shows up as a guest or to deliver packages must stay at the gates.
  • Voluntary research subjects can enter the building after they signed a declaration at the gates and must be accompanied by the principal investigator. Elderly volunteers must not participate in studies.
  • Those who experience symptoms of viral infection or know anyone who can be infected, please inform their leader immediately.
  • If you have been in a country that was declared as an infectious hotspot or have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, please adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Call your GP for further instructions
    • Make sure that you stay home for 14 days until the incubation period terminates
    • If you notice particular symptoms on yourself, call your GP immediately

Further details on the IT, HR, and operational aspects of those provisions are coming soon.

All provisions presented above come into effect from 16th March (Monday) and are directly binding to everyone until further notice. Violating those provisions may result in legal penalties.

Kindly adhere to those rules to save our colleagues, families, and local communities from infection and associated consequences.

Laszlo Buday

Acting Director