Molecular Frontiers ( is an international network formed by researchers and professors. This organization focuses on highlighting the importance of molecular sciences in a wide range of society, thus attracting young people towards science. Molecular Frontiers Symposia, organized for the upper purpose gathers leading scientists of the Globe, usually to discuss the topic of a current global problem. The actual issue and the attendees of these events are decided by the Scientific Committee (many members of which are Nobel laureate scientists); thus young student (age usually from 14 to 25) and other participants have the opportunity to meet the top researchers of the field. Further information regarding past events at:

On each symposia 10 to 12 researcher hold lectures many of whom have received a Nobel Prize.  More than 1000 students and researchers attend Molecular Frontiers events, moreover, thanks to the recently initiated live broadcasting via internet, Molecular Frontiers Symposia are becoming rapidly expanding international events.

We believe that the Hungarian organization of such a prestigious event not only furthers molecular science’s popularity and recognition among the young, but also promotes the international (mostly inter EU) recognition of Hungarian research, thus, fulfilling an important national interest. The currently chosen topic shall follow the theme of an actual Hungarian program known as MedInProt initiative (, with the purpose of assisting the communication among scientists working in the fields of protein sciences and pharmacology. The goal of MedInProt and Molecular Frontiers is to efficiently support the more successful integration of Hungarian scientists into the international network.

In this year the following invited speaskers will held lecteures:

More information about the programme can be found here