Signaling complexes: structure, function and drug design

We use the human mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) network as a model system to discover how intracellular signaling networks are built. Work in the lab involves three-dimensional structure solution by X-ray crystallography, SAXS and NMR. We develop assays for studying protein-protein interactions and protein kinase activity in vitro as well as in cells.  We also apply a systems biology centered approach to discover important regulatory connections underlying inflammation and cancer.


The portrait of a molecular switch involved in promoting cellular growth. The figure shows the crystal structure of the ERK2-RSK1 protein kinase complex (ERK2 in orange and RSK1 in gray). The yellow segment in the gray molecule works as a molecular switch, if it is modified by the orange molecule then the former gets turned on, and this ultimately will promote growth in cells.


5 selected publications (2012-2017):

Garai Á, Zeke A, Gógl G, Töro I, Fördos F, Blankenburg H, Bárkai T, Varga J, Alexa A, Emig D, Albrecht M, Reményi A (2012) Specificity of linear motifs that bind to a common mitogen-activated protein kinase docking groove. SCIENCE SIGNALING 5: ra74

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Zeke A, Bastys T, Alexa A, Garai A, Meszaros B, Kirsch K, Dosztanyi Z, Kalinina OV, Reményi A (2015) Systematic discovery of linear binding motifs targeting an ancient protein interaction surface on MAP kinases. MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY 11, 837

International collaborations:

 Eric L. Weiss – Northwestern University, USA

Marie Bogoyevitch – University of Melbourne, Ausztrália

Krishna Rajalingam – Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Németország



Attila Reményi