The results achieved in the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences open up new horizons for the design of drug controlled release systems. László Biczók, Zsombor Miskolczy, and Mónika Megyesi developed a new experimental method for the monitoring of the exit of a pharmaceutically active compound from the cavity of a barrel-shaped macrocycle. Since the living organisms contain a large amount of various metal cations, it is essential to understand how these positively charged species accelerate the egression of pharmaceutically active molecules from nanocapsules. With the introduced method, they succeeded in influencing and determining the rate of previously unknown different processes. Their results were presented as invited plenary lecture at the 6th International Conference on Cucurbiturils in the USA and received widespread international recognition. Their newest publication with two German co-authors was ranked among the most important 10% of papers submitted to Chemistry – A European Journal.

Method for the design of controlled-release systems of a pharmaceutically active compound