Research topics

The group applies the narrative pschological approach to study the construction of identity, both personal and social identities and the processes of dealing with emotional information and experiences. To this end we use tools of automated linguistic analysis which are freely available for academic applications (see the webpage).

The themes of the group further include the psychobiographical exploration of the careers of Hungarian women intellectuals; the analysis of gender concepts of psychological studies; and the exploration of the psychological and social status of sexual minorities.

Current grants

OTKA K 124192 Social inequalities and prejudices in the light of psy-sciences in Hungary, Principal investigator: Anna Borgos

OTKA K 124206 Narrative construction as an indicator of ablility based Emotional Intelligence, Principal investigator: Tibor Pólya


James Liu, Massey University, New Zealand

European Society for the History of the Human Sciences

Doctoral School of Psychology, University of Pécs, Hungary


Tibor Pólya