Research topics

Using cognitive neuroscientific methods, our research focuses on perceptual and executive functions related to goal-directed behavior, and their age-related changes. We investigate the balance of attention and distraction, action-related changes in perceptual processing, and behavioral adaptation under risk, mainly relying on electrophysiological (event-related brain potential and network connectivity) measures.

Current grants

Attention and distraction in hearing (OTKA K 104635).

Action-induced changes in perceptual processing (OTKA K 108783).

Ageing in a competitive society: psychophysiological processes of risk-taking (OTKA K 104332)


Institut für Psychologie, Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (Prof. Erich Schröger)

University Hospital, Vrije Universiteit, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (C. J. Stam)


János Horváth