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Safety Provisions Regarding the Coronavirus Epidemic

In reference to the coronavirus epidemic and in agreement with the executive board, I hereby make the following housing provisions for the safety of our employees: Traveling abroad either for official or private purposes is strictly forbidden. Scheduled international travels must be declined.Those who have been in any foreign country [...]

2020. March 13.|Recent News|

Regarding the fresh advance of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic in Europe…

1. The Research Centre for Natural Sciences (RCNS) requested that any colleague, student or guest who recently arrived (or will arrive) to Hungary from Northern Italy (i.e. north from Rome), or from any other location that was reported to be as infection-hotspot, please contact their Principal Investigator (Lab. Head) and [...]

2020. February 26.|Recent News|

Prof. Bela Ivan gives his inaugural speech at HAS

Professor Bela Ivan, Head of the Polymer Chemistry Research Group, and his colleagues have achieved remarkable results in the field of amphiphilic conetworks and smart polymers during the last decades. In his inaugural lecture Prof. Iván, who was elected to be a Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences [...]

2020. February 24.|Recent News|

6th European Crystallographic School (ECS6)

The 6th European Crystallographic School (ECS6) will take place between 5 and 11 July 2020 at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences. The focus of the School is the structure determination by diffraction methods giving also insight into some other methods of structural research. We expect seventy-hundred participants: undergraduate, graduate [...]

2020. February 21.|Recent News|
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