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Safety Regulations in RCNS (Issued by Acting Director on September 09)

The second peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Hungary. While it seems more severe than the first peak, it mainly affects young adults to date. To delay or completely avoid spreading the virus in RCNS, I hereby complement the safety regulations published on May 21. Remote work remains supported [...]

2020. September 14.|Recent News|

Complex nanostructures for engineering next-generation diamond-related materials

The wide variety of fascinating and complex nanostructures contained within meteorites, impacted rocks, and laboratory-shocked samples can be targeted to produce the future diamond-related materials with improved mechanical, thermal and optoelectronic properties - says a scientist from the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry and his colleagues in their Commentary [...]

2020. August 24.|Recent News|

Prof. Mátyás Czugler receives the first Alajos Kálmán Prize from Hungary

The Advisory Board of the Hungarian Chemical Society awards the first Hungarian Alajos Kálmán Prize in 2020 to Prof. Mátyás Czugler (Prof. emer., Research Centre for Natural Sciences). The career of Prof. Mátyás Czugler is primarily joined to the Research Centre for Natural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. [...]

2020. June 30.|Recent News|

Peculiar carbonates precipitated by bacteria from Baradla Cave

Microbes living on dripstones of Baradla Cave (NW Hungary) produce and can stabilize for long time a peculiar carbonate that has a key role in understanding carbonate formation and biomineralization – say scientists from Eötvös Loránd University, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences and [...]

2020. May 27.|Recent News|

Safety Regulations in RCNS (Issued by Director General on May 22)

As of May 18, the government allowed workplaces to gravitate toward normal working schedules. On May 20, President of the Lorand Eotvos Research Network has withdrawn the safety measurements put into effect on March 10 and March 17, respectively. Directors of the research institutes were given the right to provide [...]

2020. May 26.|Recent News|
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