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New horizons for the design of drug controlled release systems

The results achieved in the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences open up new horizons for the design of drug controlled release systems. László Biczók, Zsombor Miskolczy, and Mónika Megyesi developed a new experimental method for the monitoring of the exit of a pharmaceutically active [...]

2020. January 13.|Recent News|

Molecular Frontiers Symposium 14-15. September 2017., Budapest

Molecular Frontiers ( is an international network formed by researchers and professors. This organization focuses on highlighting the importance of molecular sciences in a wide range of society, thus attracting young people towards science. Molecular Frontiers Symposia, organized for the upper purpose gathers leading scientists of the Globe, usually to [...]

2017. September 12.|Recent News|

A new method has been discovered by Academy researchers to prevent connective tissue calcification

The MTA Institute of Enzymology research group, headed by András Váradi, have disproven a many decades old belief. Thanks to their discovery, connective tissue calcification can be prevented with a new, very easy and low-cost therapeutic method which could also serve to help those who would otherwise lose their vision [...]

2017. August 1.|Recent News|

The possibilities of use of frustrated Lewis pairs have been expanded significantly by researchers of the MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences

Researchers from the Institute of Organic Chemistry have confirmed through a reaction, also significant from an industrial point of view, that numerous chemical reactions that result in water formation can be achieved by special acid-alkaline pairing. Please click here to read the entire study.

2017. August 1.|Recent News|
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