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Institute: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology
Group: Sound and speech perception Research Group
Office: D4.09A

Curriculum vitae

István Winkler




Date and Place of Birth:           February 8, 1958, Budapest, Hungary

Nationality:                  Hungarian

Languages Spoken:      Hungarian, English



1980-1985        Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest, M.Sc. in Psychology

1977-1981        Budapest University of Technology, Budapest, M.Sc. in Engineering



2005                Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Academy (DSc, Professor)

1995                Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Candidate in Psychology (CSc)

1996                University of Helsinki, Docent in Psychology

1993                University of Helsinki, Ph.D. Degree in Psychology



2015                Kardos Lajos Award (Hungarian Psychological Association)

2015                 Friedrich Péter Award (Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

2007                 Short-term research fellowship (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

2006                 Short-term research fellowship (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)

2004                 Kardos Lajos Award (Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

2003-2004        Leibniz professor (University of Leipzig)

1995                 Samuel Sutton Award for Distinguished Contribution to Human ERPs and Cognition (Samuel Sutton Foundation)

1994                 Short-term research fellowship (Max Planck Institute, Munich)

1994                 Annual Award for Best PhD Thesis (University of Helsinki)

1989-2007        Research Fellowship (Academy of Finland)

1987                 Short-term fellowship (European Science Foundation)

1982                 Award for University Studies (Ministry of Education, Hungary)

1981                 Award for Students’ Scientific Activity (Scientific Association of Organization and Management)



2019-2023        National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary (NKFIH K132642): Do mutually predictable responses support successful face-to-face communication?

2019-2021        Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Cooperation for Excellence 2019): AI aided medical-biological data analysis (KEP-5/2019)

2019-2020        Office of Naval Research (N00014-18-S-B001): Probabilistic processing of sequential auditory information in noise (co-supervisor of the PI)

2019                 Hungarian Academy of Sciences (EUHUNKPT2019): Preparation for ERC Synergy grant proposal

2017-2021        National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary (NKFIH K124477): The role of social, cognitive and genetic factors in language development (participant)

2017-2018        Hungarian Brain Research Program (KTIA_NPA_13 Infrastructure development): Biological amplifier system (KTIA_NAP_13-2-2017-0015)

2017                 Hungarian Academy of Sciences (EUHUNKPT2017): Preparation for H2020 FutureLife grant proposal

2016-2019        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA K115385): Neuro-cognitive predictors of early language development

2014-2017        Marie Curie Initial Training Network (nr. 604764): Cognitive Innovation – CogNovo

2013-2016        Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Partnership (nr. 2012-5538 / 001 – 001-EM): Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience – ACN

2012-2017        Hungarian Academy of Sciences (“Lendület”; LP2012-36/2012): Who is talking? Neurocognitive and computational modeling of multi-speaker scenes

2012-2016        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA K101060): Auditory processing abilities in newborn infants

2009-2012        Seventh Framework Programme, Information and Communication Technologies, (STREP project 231168): Acoustic Scene Analysis for Detecting Living Entities (SCANDLE)

2006‑2007        MÖB‑DAAD (2006 2007/12): Hungarian‑German researcher exchange grant

2005‑2008        Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies project (STREP 013123): Emergent Cognition through Active Perception (EmCAP)

2005‑2008        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA T048383): Stimulus‑driven and attentive integration processes in perception

2002‑2005        Fogarty International Research Collaboration Award (FIRCA R03 TW005886 01): Preperceptual and perceptual organization of sound

2001‑2004        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA T034112): The perception and representation of complex auditory environments

2000‑2001        MÖB‑DAAD (2000 2001/53): Hungarian‑German researcher exchange grant

1997-2000        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA T022681): Localization of Acoustic Attentional and Memory Functions by Electric (EEG) and Magnetic (MEG) Event‑Related Potentials and Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI)

1993-1996        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA T006967): Intermodal and Inter‑Language Comparative Studies: Attentional and Mismatch Processes in Perception

1992‑1994        Hungarian National Research Fund (OTKA F004636): Studies in Auditory Sensory Memory by Event‑Related Brain Potentials



2017-                Director: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2012-                Head of the Research Group: Sound and Speech Perception

2005-                Scientific Advisor, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (from 2012: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

2008-2016        Professor of Psychology, University of Szeged

2007‑2008        Scientific Advisor, University of Szeged

2003‑2004        Leibniz Professor, University of Leipzig

2001‑2007        Lecturer of Cognitive Psychology, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Piliscsaba

2000‑2012        Head of the Department of General Psychology, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1996‑                Docent at the Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki

1993-2005        Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1987-1993        Research Fellow, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1987‑1988        Lecturer of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology, Kossuth Lajos University of Sciences, Debrecen

1981-1987        Junior Research Fellow, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences



2019-                Member of the Social Sciences Board of the Presidential Committee for Research Evaluation (TEB), Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2019-                Member of the Board of Trustees of the János Bolyai Research Scholarship

2018-                Member of the Editorial Board of the Hungarian Journal of Psychology (Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle)

2015-                Member of the Academia Europaea

2015-2019        Member of the Social Sciences Board of the Council of Research Institutes (AKT), Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2013-2016        Member of the Council of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Hungarian National Research Fund

2009-                Member of the Psychology Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2005-                Founding member of the Doctoral School in Psychology (Cognitive Science) Budapest University of Technology and Economics

2005-2015        Member of the Editorial board of Pszichológia

1996‑2004        Member of the Advisory Council of the International Association for the Study of Attention and Performance (IASAP)


PUBLICATION STATISTICS (based on, January 28, 2020)

Total Articles in Publication List:         251

Sum of the Times Cited:                      10705

h-index:                                               54


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