Research interest

Structure-property correlations in polymers and multicomponent polymer systems; interfacial phenomena in heterogeneous polymers (blends, particulate filled and fibre reinforced composites); transport phenomena in polymers; degradation and stabilization of polyolefins; reactive processing of polymers

Current research projects

  • Correlations among the chemical reactions taking place during the melt processing of HDPE, the resulting chain structure of the polymer and the properties of the final product (film)
  • Study and modification of interfacial interactions in carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites
  • Study of miscibility/structure/property correlations in polymer blends
  • Preparation and study of layered silicate nanocomposites
  • Preparation of biologically degradable polymers from naturally occurring raw materials, characterization of their structure and properties


International cooperation

  • Clariant SA, France, degradation and stabilization of polyolefins
  • Sasol Industrial Ltd., South Africa , melting and crystallization of polypropylene
  • Lund University of Technology, Sweden, multicomponent polymers
  • Twente University , The Netherlands , structure-property correlations in crystalline polymers

Educational activities

  • Joint research laboratory with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Teaching of polymer chemistry, physics, processing and application to graduate students (courses, lab. practice, theses, etc.)
  • Post graduate special engineering course on polymer processing and application
  • Post graduate short courses on various topics (identification of plastics, FTIR for plastics, mechanical properties, injection moulding, extrusion, fracture, etc.)


János Móczó