Research interest

The primary field of research is focused on the study of special polymer structures and state-of-the-art polymerisation techniques. Research activity at the department involves both applied and basic research, often in cooperation with several industrial partners including some multinational firms.

Current research projects

Novel Functional Polymers

Application of Quasiliving Radical Polymerization

Nanostructured Amphiphilic Conetworks

Environmentally Friendly Degradation and Transformations of PVC

Polymers of Novel Molecular Composition and Topology

Quasiliving Carbocationic Polymerization


Waters 510 GPC, gel permeation chromatograph (Waters 515 HPLC pump, in-line Degasser, Waters 717plus autosampler, Polymer Laboratories column system (PL-Mixed C), Viscotek dual detector (differential refractometer and differential viskometer), Wyatt MiniDawn multiangle light scattering detector, Wyatt Optilab DSP interferometric refractometer, Waters 440 Absorbance UV detector, Trisec GPC 3.01 software)

PVC degradation apparatus (Metrohm, 763 PVC Thermomat apparatus, “963 PVC Thermomat” evaluating program)

Laboratory ozoniser (OzoneLab, OL80W type; accessories: ozone flow meter (FM500), flow rate: 31 – 1000 ml/min)

Photopolymerization equipment (DYMAX 5000-PC type)

Laboratory centrifugal apparatus (Hermle)

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Béla Iván