The activities of Functional Interfaces Research Group focus on the study and control of interfacial processes, with particular emphasis on electrochemically driven reactions.

The applications of the research results are related to various technological fields, from electrochemical energy conversion and controlled metal dissolution to high sensitivity analytical methodologies to be used in environmental, food and medical assays.

Main research topics, applications:

Fundamental electrochemical processes and technologies

  • – rearrangement processes in the electrochemical double layer
  • – electrochemical energy storage
  • – metal dissolution
  • – electrocatalysis
  • – molecular electronics

Projects                   Selected publications

2D and 3D nanostructure based sensing layers in analytical assays

  • – redox-active molecular thin layers in the detection of biological interactions
  • – metallic, polymeric, and supramolecular nanostructures as sensing elements

Projects                    Selected publications


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